Amazon Empire – The Secret Kingdom

Amazon has been at the for front of innovation. This slide deck uncovers the unknown forts of the Amazon Empire.

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Rob Schuham – Brand in Common

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Google Acquires Motorola : The Sucker Punch

It has been just few minutes since the news has been broken that Google has decided to acquire Motorola Mobility for 12.5 Billion $.

Why this acquisation makes so much sense ?

1) Motorola Mobility has 24500 patents awarded and pending. Such a huge patent portfolio and mainly related to telecommunication and phones will help Google defend its turf and protect Android OEM‘s from patent litigations by the cabal of Apple , Microsoft , Sony and RIM. Read the press declaration when Motorola Mobility was found as an independent company which tells this patent count here

2) Motorola Mobility has some very very crucial patents which can help Google take aim at Microsoft X-Box. Microsoft has already sued Motorola ( you are reading right, keep reading) for overcharging royalties for Motorola’s system critical patents being used by it in X-BOX.  Everyone saw how HTC was paying Microsoft $15 for every Android handset hold but Motorola was not. Such is the strength of these X box related patents. Read more about them here  and here

3) Google can now address the issue of fragmentation in the Android market by providing the much needed base standard phones for the app developers.

4) Motorola has a huge sales network and has experience in producing low cost phones. Google can leverage this and enter the low cost phone market to enter the market  territory still uncharted. This factor is being discounted by many but Google knows the real market lies in the sub 100$ phones which are used in Asia , Latin America and Africa. Google has got a brand new solid vehicle to enter these markets.

5)  Google can now control the end to end user experience for Android and prove the capabilities of Android to be the genuine iOS competitor. The kind of commitment from Google would ensure other OEM that Google is really serious about Android and would not leave them hanging in between. As Google guys have promised, Android will continue to be open and all partner OEM will be able a new realm of user experience.

6) In line with Google announcements in Google I/O about having Android on all household devices, Motorola experience will be invaluable input. Motorola has strong history of communication devices and can help Google kick start the process without waiting for partners to match Google’s agility and pace.

7) Motorola having deep interests in set-top boxes and modems is a perfect fit for the sagging Google TV venture which has left Logitech bleeding badly. Google realizes in order to make Google TV success it has to come to the field itself.  Providing content and software is not enough to take on the competitors in the TV space

Why other OEM don’t need to worry about this acquisition ?

1. Samsung, HTC and Acer have a lot of investment done in the Android ecosystem. All of them might chose to work with Windows 7 platform as well but there doesn’t seem to

2. Now Google is more equipped to safegaurd their Android Vendors against patent lawsuits and ensure all the OEM that their interests will be protected.

3. Google doesn’t gain anything by alienating their Android partners else they all might move to be Windows only OEM like Nokia. The more partners they have more markets Google has for its core businesses. Google has more interest in keeping the vendors on board Android lest the party be spoiled.

Update at 11:04 PM SGT – Google got top 5 Android OEM into confidence before announcing the deal. Read their reactions here

Next in Series: What will happen next in the Phone wars !!!

Nokia Jewels – Survivors of The Great Finnish Tragedy

What are the prized jewels Nokia still possesses ?

Navteq – Nokia biggest jewel  is this American company. If you have GPS made by Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance, or NDrive or have used Yahoo! Maps, Bing Maps or MapQuest, you have used NAVTEQ‘s maps. This is the level of penetration of Navteq . No wonder Microsoft while announcing its partnership with Nokia laid a great focus on Location Based Services which will be developed by Nokia. This is also the most self sustaining unit of Nokia. For any new company which enters this field it will be long road ahead to compete with Nokia and Google.  This also makes several companies interested in Nokia so that they can lay their hands on maps licenses, technology , markets and customers which Navteq has built after so much efforts.

Nokia Siemens Network –  Network infrastructure provider 

Nokia Siemens has huge investments in Africa, the last frontier. Indian companies like Bharti Airtel have pioneered the concept of outsourcing all the network management to companies like Nokia Siemens to focus on their core business. As the telecom markets mature in emerging economies Nokia Siemens will get several more such contracts. The journey for infrastructure management solutions has just started and has potential to mature as a full scale telecommunication industry vertical

Patents – Nokia 

After Nortel patent portfolio fetched it a whopping 4.5 Billion USD, the valuation of patent portfolios of companies like Nokia and Motorolla have went over the roof. Nokia still has lot of very important patents related to the phone and telecom industry. With the mad scramble for patents showing no signs of subsiding , Nokia is smiling. They just licensed some of their patents to Apple and are assured of a stable revenue stream through more licensing deals.

Qt Software

Qt SDK combines the Qt framework with tools designed to streamline the creation of applications for Symbian and Maemo, MeeGo (Nokia N9) in addition to desktop platforms, such as Microsoft WindowsMac OS X, andLinux.

As more and more developers search for alternatives of Flash and limitations of HTML5 , QT can really come up as an alternative since it will help bridge the gap between desktop and mobile applications. Hope Nokia markets it successfully and can get much more developers into their fold.

Sales Network

Nokia has very extensive sales and distribution network in the emerging markets like  China, India, Africa. There markets are not as mature as USA and Europe to have carrier contracts and subsidy plans. People in these areas prefer to buy phones and sim cards separately.

High End handset manufacturers are not able to compete on the price point and last mile reach of Nokia.

Low End Chinese manufacturers are unable to provide the service and support centres in which Nokia has invested so much.

The picture for Nokia might appear gloomy but it is not all over yet !!!


Nokia worth 52% if broken into parts

Nokia real worth outside phones

Nokia – Siemens JV in trouble as well

QT Nokia

Gist : One bet of Blackberry I can certainly vouch for

Gist is one of the best contact management services i have encountered in the recent times. It was recently acquired by RIM ( Research in Motion), the famous blackberry makers.

The site helps you pull contacts from various social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and sync them with your traditional email services ( gmail, hotmail, etc) and the desktop client address books( Thunderbird, Outlook).

Thus you can have a complete address book. Additionally it searches information about

Yes there are some issues like the following  with it, but it is still the one I liked most among all its peers like Soocial, Plaxo, Rainmaker, etc

1) Sync and searched information functionality needs lot of  improvement. The algorithm behind this just looks at the name of contact. In a country like India where family names likes  Gupta or Jain with common names like Abhishek, Sachin, Ankur in most of the cases lead a multiple results. The photos and information about contacts are are not so accurate and sometimes way to vague . For a person like me with very huge address book to manually update each contact is just not possible. So lets see how this shapes up.

2) There is no two way sync, i.e if I make some changes those are not affected to my address book in Google contact, etc. Need to manually do that, but they say are they are working on it.

3) The dashboard informs users about new information fetched by GIST for only 5 contacts at a time from all across the internet when you login into your GIST account. Updating information 5 user at a time with each being opened manually in a new tab is very cumbersome. It would be really nice to have all the new information for all contacts in a scrollable manner on 1 page.

Being a computer researcher I don’t care so much about the issues but the attitude behind handling them. It was an absolute pleasure to interact with the support engineers.  They are aware of the limitations of their platform and accept it humbly and politely.

Currently they are unable to provide automatic contact sync with linkedIn and I was not so happy about that. On my sending support query for the same, what I liked was they suggesting workarounds and pointing to a post where I could write to LinkedIn to allow real time sync.

This is what I call taking care of the customers & being honest. You will see they stick by your side and keep their faith in you. I hope GIST progresses well under RIM and adds new features which are in the pipeline and my wishlist as well.

All the best TEAM GIST !!!


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