Amazon Empire – The Secret Kingdom

Amazon has been at the for front of innovation. This slide deck uncovers the unknown forts of the Amazon Empire.

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Rob Schuham – Brand in Common

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Gist : One bet of Blackberry I can certainly vouch for

Gist is one of the best contact management services i have encountered in the recent times. It was recently acquired by RIM ( Research in Motion), the famous blackberry makers.

The site helps you pull contacts from various social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and sync them with your traditional email services ( gmail, hotmail, etc) and the desktop client address books( Thunderbird, Outlook).

Thus you can have a complete address book. Additionally it searches information about

Yes there are some issues like the following  with it, but it is still the one I liked most among all its peers like Soocial, Plaxo, Rainmaker, etc

1) Sync and searched information functionality needs lot of  improvement. The algorithm behind this just looks at the name of contact. In a country like India where family names likes  Gupta or Jain with common names like Abhishek, Sachin, Ankur in most of the cases lead a multiple results. The photos and information about contacts are are not so accurate and sometimes way to vague . For a person like me with very huge address book to manually update each contact is just not possible. So lets see how this shapes up.

2) There is no two way sync, i.e if I make some changes those are not affected to my address book in Google contact, etc. Need to manually do that, but they say are they are working on it.

3) The dashboard informs users about new information fetched by GIST for only 5 contacts at a time from all across the internet when you login into your GIST account. Updating information 5 user at a time with each being opened manually in a new tab is very cumbersome. It would be really nice to have all the new information for all contacts in a scrollable manner on 1 page.

Being a computer researcher I don’t care so much about the issues but the attitude behind handling them. It was an absolute pleasure to interact with the support engineers.  They are aware of the limitations of their platform and accept it humbly and politely.

Currently they are unable to provide automatic contact sync with linkedIn and I was not so happy about that. On my sending support query for the same, what I liked was they suggesting workarounds and pointing to a post where I could write to LinkedIn to allow real time sync.

This is what I call taking care of the customers & being honest. You will see they stick by your side and keep their faith in you. I hope GIST progresses well under RIM and adds new features which are in the pipeline and my wishlist as well.

All the best TEAM GIST !!!


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